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Every weekend our tongues thrive the taste of the mouth sweet deals, combos and offer at McD. It is a desired place of every food lover and craver. If you are a regular customer of McDonald, it comes with a chance of you winning a free meal, discount on next order or even a reward sometimes. You can enjoy these offers just by participating in currently going feedback online survey from the official website

McD currently owns more than 40,000 restaurants situated in 121 countries across the globe. Probably you are not the only one when you are ordering you’re a favorite meal. About 90 million people in the world eat at McD. It’s the fastest growing and most popular fast food restaurant chain is the second largest in the world.

What is McDvoice survey?

With constant evolving restaurants of McD across the globe, the managing team of McD finds it utterly necessary to provide consistent customer reviews and experiences to increase the satisfaction rate among the customers by upgrading its menu, service and various other aspects that make this McD chain so unique and preferred by millions.

The particular aim of this survey is to gather the feedback from general opinions of McD from the customers in context to the food, employee service, friendliness with the customers and their satisfaction and even dissatisfaction due to the facilities like cleanliness and environment.

Thus information provide is quite crucial as it helps the management to make specific changes in this vast network of restaurants and exceed the world. They can solve various issues like the staff, quality of food and multiple other things.

To spend some time in filling out the survey McD in return is willing to offer you a reward like a free hamburger, muffin or any other special meal or sometimes a special bonus like a discount or a free order next time you visit the restaurant. The rewards you will be receiving depends on the McD survey period.

Validity30 Days
Survey NameMcdvoice
RewardCashback , Burgers
RequirementsReceipt Number
LanguageEnglish , Spanish
Customer Care No.1-800-244-6227
CountryUSA / Canada
Age15 Years & Above

What you require to take part in the McDVoice survey?

  1. A valid receipt of purchase at McD from past seven days which contains a survey code of 26 digits.
  2. An internet connection and an internet accessed device to complete the survey.
  3. You must be at least 15 or above years to take part in McDVoice survey.
  4. You need to be a resident of the US or the District of Colombia.
  5. You have to know either English or Spanish.
  6. You are allowed to participate in a total of 5 surveys per month.
  7. You have to claim your reward until seven days after finishing the survey.

Guide for completing the McD survey

The steps are quite simple without any awkward questions, and it won’t take any longer than 5 minutes to complete and get eligible for a reward.

  1. Prepare your receipt which shall last be from last seven days with 26 digit survey code.
  2. Check your network connection and log in to the official survey site.
  3. Then enter the valid survey code of 26 digits in the requirement and begin your survey.
  4. During the survey, they will ask you about some particular questions that you must answer correctly and conveniently.
  5. At the end of the survey, they will provide you with a confirmation code that you can use to get free meals and discounts within seven days of your visit.
  6. You can only fill five surveys maximum in a month, and you must remember that you need to be older than 15 years — also a citizen of the US or District of Columbia
  7. If you are not able to access to the survey site then, you must reach out and check your network, but still, if the error continues then, you switch tib the helpline no offered by the McD.

The currently going on online survey allows:

  1. Getting real and genuine feedback from the customers regarding food quality, price, cleanliness,  staff’s attitude towards people, and the service provided at any McD restaurant.
  2. To discover new ways to improve customer satisfaction.
  3. To research the best solution to any current issue or problem which the customers may have regarding McD.

This entire word and research of survey are to increase awareness along with people, and a step was taken by McD to improve its branches and quality by getting in the customer opinions on a massive scale. This survey is the right approach to starting changes by attracting the most exceptional clients across the globe and making McD favorite of all. Almost every citizen of the state must fill this survey and enjoy the bonanza offer along with it they get just for giving your review, an honest review. You will thereby be showered by food and discounts by McD only to fill out a small survey of your McD tour.


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