UPSers Login – Signup/ Registration Portal

A complete guide on UPSers employees online portal

Parcel Service (UPS)  a great chain of package delivery company in the US. They are just ruling the global arena with its management solutions and logistics services. UPS  have created high credibility on delivering package and documents worldwide on time. United States Postal Service os its most significant client and the company mainly focus on providing things to retail stores.

The company has over 50000 employees around the globe. To bring in easy management with the employee, UPS has brought in UPSers login. This is a specially designed online portal for its employees.  This online portal is a one-stop destination for all the needs of the UPS employees. Through this portal, employees or associates can access various information like payroll, paycheck and other benefit programs. The best part is that the online portal is personalized and secured.  The employees are provided with a unique User ID and password.

Let’s get through the details of UPSer Login procedure with a step by step instruction. Once you log into your account, you will be able to access all the information regarding your paycheck, UPS schedule management and other beneficial information.

Who can access UPSers Login?  is the online website for every US and other employees around the world.  Employees currently working for UPS can log in to access information. Retired employees can also view this web portal. If you are getting into the UPSers login for the first time, do follow our step by step instructions.

How to begin with UPS employee login – UPSers?

If you are new to UPS employee login, your employer ID will be your User ID. The password constitutes of the first two letters of the last name and last four numbers you find in your employee ID.

To get started with UPS employee login you need a User ID and password. Your employer ID  is your user ID and the password you have created while creating your account in your password.

How to login?

  • To access the UPS employee portal, you have to visit site in your browsers.
  • At the bottom of the page, all the Menu details can be found.
  • Change the langue preference before you log into the account.
  • The default language is English and to change the language, you can choose the preferred language from the drop-down menu you find on the left side drop down menu.
  • Now you are ready to get through the login process with your login credentials.
  • Enter your UPSers login ID which is your employer ID in the USER ID field.
  • In the PASSWORD FIELD, you have to enter your password.

How to register with UPSers?

  • Open the browser.
  • Visit the UPS official login page that will lead you to UPSers login.
  • Select Sign up option
  • You are required to enter necessary details like your name, email ID and personalized password.
  • Once you have completed your Sign Up process, Read and Agree to the terms and conditions of UPSers before you proceed to the next step.
  • Now enter your address, and your registration process ends with this step.
  • After the completion of registration, you can log into your account with your employer ID and password any time.

How to recover UPSers Password?

  • If you have forgotten either of your UPSer User ID or your password you can click on the option ‘I forget my user ID or Password” option that can be found in the bottom of the page.
  • You will be navigated to a different page which will enable you to reset your password or User ID by providing your registered email address.
  • You will receive a mail, with the details of your latest User ID or Password.

What are the benefits of UPSer Account?

  • UPSers offer plenty of services to their employees. You can lead a balanced life with your friends and family.
  • UPSers provide business solutions and also deliver packages that will meet up all the expectation of their customers.
  • You can save 18% on UPS air and international service and 9% on UPS ground service.
  • Easy tracking of packages using mobile phones
  • You can avail various discounts and offers through a UPS account.
  • Great value for money services
  • UPS CONNECT – this offers expert advice and support for your business needs.
  • UPS store- it helps by providing necessary tools required for small business development.
  • UPS have expanded their market over 220 countries, and they offer quite a lot of benefits in education, wellness and health care requirements.  

On the whole, the UPSers login’s primary purpose is to bring in all the 500000 employees under one roof.  Every employee who is working in the US or around the world can access the required information. Let it be scheduling or payroll or paycheck employees are easily updated with the current info.


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