Exercises To Reduce Swelling Of The Feet During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, the water in her body increases from 6 to 8 liters; which facilitates the retention of liquids in different areas. To combat this problem, below we will tell you which are the exercises that help to reduce the swelling of the feet in pregnancy.

In view of the fact that during pregnancy it is not recommended to take diuretics without medical supervision, even in the form of natural remedies, since they can have adverse effects, the best is to practice some exercises. 

Edema in pregnancy

Edema is the consequence of increased fluid retention. However, there are other factors that can influence this, such as high temperatures and a sedentary lifestyle.

As the pregnancy progresses, and especially at the end of the day, the pregnant woman tends to suffer swelling in the lower extremities due to fluid retention. In most cases, it is not something serious or pathological.

In fact, the swelling of the feet in pregnancy is a very frequent symptom related to the increase of the venous pressure in the legs and the obstruction of the lymphatic flow.

Yes, it should be analyzed when it is accompanied by high blood pressure or proteinuria (excess protein in the urine). In these cases, it may be a sign of other problems that the doctor should evaluate.

Exercises to reduce swelling of the feet in pregnancy

Foot swelling is common in pregnancy, although it can be prevented and relieved by exercise.

In general, it is recommended that pregnant woman practice physical activity. With this good habit, you can reduce the risk of overweight and disorders such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, premature birth, varicose veins or swelling. Also at the psychological level, it can help to prevent anxiety and depression.

However, at the time of exercise, the woman should take certain precautions, such as avoiding high-impact activities, as well as exceeding the time of physical activity recommended by the doctor, for example.

Aerobics in the pool

An excellent option for pregnant women is the exercises that can be performed in a pool. In particular, the practice of water aerobics can help improve diuresis and reduce swelling of the feet during pregnancy.

In addition, the impact on the joints is avoided, improves circulation and prevents back pain. Therefore, it is recommended to do sessions of a half hour, as long as you do not feel any discomfort.


Taking advantage of the benefits of water, a simple and risk-free technique to combat the swelling of the feet in pregnancy is to submerge. In addition, it is very relaxing for the pregnant woman in the last stage of pregnancy.

To perform the dive correctly, the woman should sit in the tub with her legs horizontal and water up to her waist. You can also do it, if you have the possibility, in some place where you can submerge standing up to your shoulders. The temperature should be about 32 ° C.

Walking to reduce swelling of the feet

Walking is one of the simplest and most effective exercises for pregnant women who want to prevent or relieve swelling in the feet. The risk of injury or other problems is very low, and it is pleasant and beneficial to overall health.

This activity should be moderate and carried out for a half hour several times a week. Ideally, complete the 150 minutes per week. However, it will always be in case there are no complications.

In addition, we could also use compression stockings. These promote good circulation and facilitate a venous return to the heart. In this way, varicose veins are also prevented.

Prenatal yoga

This exercise brings great benefits to pregnant women both physically and emotionally.

Finally, if we want to opt for a guided activity, we can try prenatal yoga. This discipline can bring improvements on a physical, mental and emotional level, in addition to fighting the retention of fluids in the feet. The famous yoga postures ( asanas ) focus in this case on all the particularities of the pregnant woman.

These exercises that we share are simple and are designed to minimize any risk during pregnancy. In addition to helping to reduce swelling of the feet in pregnancy, they are also related to many other benefits during the sweet wait and also facing delivery. Try them!


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