Advantages Of The Band For The Belly In Pregnancy

Maternity belt, the band for the belly or pregnancy belt. There are several names for this band that is placed during the last months of pregnancy. However, do you know its benefits? In this article, we show you 5 reasons why you should use it.

The band for the belly during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special stage in the life of any woman, no doubt. However, it also brings certain discomforts. In effect, as we gain weight and the belly bulging, certain discomforts appear.

For this, in the market, there are various products created and intended to alleviate these disadvantages. Among them, we find bands or belts for the belly.

In any case, you must bear in mind that any band or belt does not work. The band for the belly during pregnancy is designed for the anatomy of the pregnant woman, so you will not get the same benefits with any other band of postural correction, which could even be counterproductive.

Now, what are the benefits for the pregnant woman?


Benefits of the band for the belly

Helps relieve back pain

The band during pregnancy helps postural control with less associated discomfort.

The weight of the pregnant woman and the change in the center of gravity can cause discomfort in various areas: lumbar, cervical, etc. In this sense, the band for the belly, which is adjustable, is placed holding the lumbar area and below the gut.

In this way, the band will not exert any kind of pressure on the baby and, in addition, will help the mother to maintain better postural health that relieves or prevents pain. 

It adapts to the growth of the belly

Being adjustable, these bands for the belly allow you to adjust them as the belly grows. Thus, you can use it according to your needs in each week. In addition, you can also use them after pregnancy.

It adapts to your movements

The bands for the belly during pregnancy or premamá strips are designed from an elastic and breathable fabric that adapts to any of your movements. Whether walking or sitting, you will not notice any discomfort.

In addition, to be really thin, you will get the benefits of stability that you offer at any time, without noticing too much under the clothes.

They help to walk better

By improving body posture, the girdle facilitates everyday activities such as walking.

The increase in belly volume during the last weeks brings other problems. It is not only about the posture itself, but about what simple activities such as walking, can be complicated or heavier.

The change in the center of gravity in the pregnant woman’s body requires her to arch her back to maintain balance while walking. For this reason, the belly bands are designed to facilitate a better position of the pregnant woman while walking, holding the lower back for stability.

Easy to put on and take off

It is not complicated gadgets, far from it. On the contrary, it is a band or band that fits your body at every moment and closes or opens with a simple velcro.

Myths about belly bands

The prevention of stretch marks and a better figure are myths about the pregnancy strips.

There are some myths related to these pregnancy belts. So, for example, there is a belief that they help prevent the appearance of stretch marks. However, this statement is false. For this case, it is best to use specific creams or resort to other topical remedies.

On the other hand, the myth that bands for the belly can mold the figure of the pregnant woman during the last weeks is also widespread. Also, in this case, it is a false belief without scientific rigor. The body of the pregnant woman will change according to nature, to adapt to the little one inside her.


First of all, you should consult your doctor about the use of the pregnancy band or band before you start using it. Although its benefits are many, its excessive use could cause the loss of muscle tone, which is essential.

On the other hand, when placing it, follow the precise instructions. Also, remember that your goal is to hold and not press. Therefore, do not go adjusting it.


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